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You’ve been working so hard to make things happen. Everything you’ve been juggling can take its toll on the body. Maybe you’ve been too busy to notice or have made pushing through the new normal. Take some time to unwind, relax and take recovery practices from the day to day.

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures for anything.”

Check in with your body

Take note of any sensations in your body. Are you sore in certain places? Where are you holding tension? How is your energy? It all starts with noticing your body and taking care of yourself. How can you give your body the attention it needs?

Do some easy stretches

Stand up, move around, and stretch out different parts of your body. Find areas that are especially sore or tight and give them some extra love! Here are some ideas to inspire you: neck rotations, stretch arms over head, torso twists, lunges…

Sleep 30 mins earlier

Catch yourself in bed scrolling on your phone, again? Or find yourself staying up late for no good reason? Tonight, get yourself into bed 30 minutes earlier to give your body some well-deserved rest.

Check your routine

How can you add more ‘me-time’ and self-care into your day to day? What does prioritizing yourself look like while still getting things done? Try to switch up your routine by carving out some extra time for yourself. Check out our daily challenges in our app, we have some of them under the Reflect theme!

Try a restorative yoga class

To help balance our busy lifestyle, restorative yoga can help us slow down and open our body through passive stretching. You hold poses for a longer amount of time to help your muscles relax deeply. Give it a go by checking out a class at home! This is one example of great recovery practices your body needs.

Take a hot bath/shower tonight

Relax after your long day. Add a few drops of essential oils, put on a chill playlist, take some deep breaths, let your muscles relax, and enjoy this time to yourself.

Relax and unwind with some tea

As you wind down for the day, herbal tea is great to sip on as it has no caffeine and comes from a variety of dried flowers, spices, herbs and fruits. To relax, try peppermint (a muscle relaxant), chamomile (great for bedtime) or lemon balm tea (reduces cortisol). Want to give a try to this amazing recovery practice? check here!

What does balance look like for you?

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