Meet Becky! Director of Product Development at Freshprep, a Vancouver meal-kit startup. A competitive dancer in her youth, Becky was always an active person. However, her struggles came from her diet habits. Being more concerned with her appearance rather than her actual health, she was often tired and would have large weight fluctuations. . It took years, but eventually she learned that being healthy means discovering what she needed to feel her best.

“Don’t ever eliminate anything you truly love from your diet or lifestyle. Learn to balance it in a healthy way.”

Now her approach is totally different. If she’s had a week of unhealthy eating or over indulgence, she’ll sit down on a Sunday afternoon and plan out her meals for the next week. She’ll pick out 4 to 5 options and make sure that she has the ingredients for those meals on hand with a quick drop by the grocery store. When time is tight, she’ll prep the meals beforehand so everything is good to go.

On the fitness side of things, it took some time for Becky to something that works for her. She tried gymming for years, but couldn’t get a routine to stick. After some time, she discovered that she enjoys doing functional or competitive activities more than pumping iron or running on a treadmill.

Once she learned that about herself, it’s been a lot easier to create a routine around team sports or activities with her husband and dog. It goes to show that physical activity can be different for everyone. It doesn’t have to be a set class or routine, something fun that gets you moving works just as well. At the end of the day, the most important thing is consistency.

“Health and wellness to me means simply discovering what you need personally to feel your best.”

Becky’s biggest health and wellness challenge right now? Feeling the need to be productive or active at all times. I’m sure many of us can relate. It simply isn’t a realistic expectation and often, we end up being less efficient, putting out poor quality work, and making more mistakes when we’re not rested. As Becky’s role is a combination of thinking creatively and solving problems, she definitely feels this setback. For now, she’s dedicated her weekends to a work-free zone. Instead, it’s time for her to focus on her well-being and take it slow.

We admire how Becky has created a sustainable healthy lifestyle that she whole-heartedly loves. It goes to show that it takes time to find a groove that works for you and your body, but it totally pays off!

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