Living well: Celebrate milestones and moments

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Life is such a gift and you are worth celebrating. Each moment is precious and it’s important we are savouring each one. Time is the only non-renewable resource. This is not your practice life so choose wisely and have some fun! It is time to celebrate and reward those small milestones and daily moments.

“Every day of your life is a special occasion.”

Start your day as a celebration

Take a few moments in the morning to get cozy and simply enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Breathe in the aroma, feel the warmth, and enjoy the comfort. Give thanks for the day that is coming your way. Start with the challenge of the day in myMomentum app.

Stay Present

Live in the moment and find things you can be grateful for. Don’t let worries of the past or future bog you down. There are so many little things to celebrate when you take the time to look! Jot down the first three things that you think of and keep them in mind for the rest of the day.

Dance dance dance

We naturally love moving to music – it’s a great way to express our emotions and share our energy. Put on some good, upbeat tunes and jam out! If you live with roommates or your family, how can you get them to join in on the fun?

celebrate and reward milestones and moments treats

Munch on healthy treats

Got a sweet tooth? There are always ways to make your cravings a little bit healthier. Instead of processed candy, packaged cookies and cakes, try sweet snacks from wholesome foods. Some ideas:

  • Truffle balls with almond butter, dates and nuts
  • Chocolate cups with dark chocolate and your favourite mix-ins (nuts, fruits, seeds etc.)
  • Apple “nachos”: sliced apples dipped in peanut butter and topped with nuts, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds

Feeling inspired to bake something new? Check this cooking lessons for healthy treats!

Keep track of small wins

We can get stuck on noticing all the things that go wrong each day and forget to see the small wins. Celebrating the little victories is a great way to track your progress towards larger goals. It helps you stay motivated and boosts your confidence. Write down all your little milestones today.

celebrate and reward milestones and moments pace

Spoil yourself

Do something special that brings you joy that you normally wouldn’t do for yourself. This could be giving yourself a foot massage, taking a warm bath, lighting your favourite candles, taking the night off, or ordering a snack from your favourite cafe. Celebrate and reward milestones and moments on your on pace.

What are you celebrating this week?

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