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We help you make healthy choices part of your daily life and keep you motivated with rewards. No matter how busy you are, your wellness comes first. All you need is 5 minutes.

How it Works

Check in with yourself and get a daily bite-sized challenge

Complete the challenge to earn points

Redeem rewards from our community partners

It’s the Journey, not the Destination

For us, wellness is a balance of movement, healthy eating, self-care, and mindfulness. We group our challenges into 3 free-flowing buckets:


We energize our BODY through a combo of gentle movements, fun group sweat sessions, and tough workouts.


We fuel our MIND with what it needs, whether that be healthy food, a good night’s rest and self-care practices.


We care for our SOUL by taking time to slow down, connect to our inner self and act with intention in the present moment.

Together, as One Community

We create a space for connections.

We love bringing together like-minded people, local wellness instructors, speakers, and businesses.

myMomentum is a place for real connections – a space where you can discover something new, try something different, and be inspired to take action.

Right now, we’re building our first community in Vancouver, BC but we’re always looking to expand!

Our Mission

To create an ecosystem that fuels growth and discovery to help you feel healthier and happier.


on a journey to create a better lifestyle


bite-sized challenges completed


community partners celebrating every success along the way


bringing us all together

Join our journey and be part of building this movement.

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